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Have you still considered drawing on more skilled workers from the Philippines, but have been discouraged by the expense, effort and risks involved? The solution is simple, but the benefits are substantial, as many prominent organizations in the Saudi Arabia, State of Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Hongkong, Singapore etc. have discovered for themselves by tapping the valuable manpower resources that ORTIZ AGENCY has to offer.

Philippines is an extremely cost effective source of skilled labor and ORTIZ AGENCY provides a cheaper alternatives to methods of recruitment.

You could earn a return more than equal to the fee and salary costs by hiring a relatively skilled workers that could be easily gained thru ORTIZ AGENCY. Make avail of our services too and give us the chance to prove our capability in recruiting quality workers.

We are looking forward to the pleasure of serving you. Should you wish to accredit your future manpower request to ORTIZ AGENCY, please donít hesitate to contact us at our official telephone no.:(+632)55978427 and thru our E-mail Address : ortiz_agency@yahoo.com

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